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The price you pay to a dealer for a new fog light on your Ford Explorer depends on if you need just the bulb or an entire assembly. Usually, the whole assembly is replaced. For one 2006 Ford Explorer fog light assembly removal and replacement, you could pay between $93 and $125. This price includes both the part and labor, and it may be even higher if your usual mechanic charges a high hourly rate or if you opt to replace both fog lights. Though $100 for one fog light may sound like a lot, it's a good investment because it contributes to the safety of your Explorer, and you can do some things to cut down this cost.

Like any lights on your Explorer, the light bulbs can burn out, but this is not the only issue you could have with your fog lights. Sometimes, the lens will become discolored, dim, or cloudy. This usually happens if moisture gets into your light. It might be better to install a new fog light assembly that is completely sealed. That way, you don't have to worry about the moisture inside the light affecting the electrical wiring of the light. A new fog light assembly also fixes any problems you may have with the cover or other parts of the fog light. The best way to find a new bulb or other fog light parts is to search for the year of your Explorer. For instance, you may search for instance, you may search for 2013 Ford Explorer fog light bulb or 2006 Ford Explorer fog light lens cover.

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