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Buy your Audi Hid Light Kit today! Your Audi will look amazing with one of our premium hid conversion light kit installed. Increase the visibility of your Audi by %70. Our premium hid kit includes: 2 x AC bulbs, 2 x AC Slim Ballasts, all the necessary wires, mounting brackets and the installation guide. You will benefit of free shipping and lifetime warranty with your Audi xenon hid kit purchase.

This German car maker has been leading the way now for some time, spearheading trends along the way. If you've got an older Audi and want to improve the look, style and your safety at the same time you should upgrade to Audi HIDs. Audi HID headlights are simple to install and really bring a new feel to your older models. Our Audi HID kits are compatible with any model and are designed to utilize your factory headlight housing so the only thing that changes is coverage and color. The addition of Audi xenon bulbs will not only serve up dramatically improved road coverage, but will last up to ten times longer than conventional Audi OEM bulbs. Do yourself a favor by getting yours today and modernize that German classic.

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If you have a problem with your Audi HID lights and you have tested power to the headlight igniter (also called an HID ballast), the problem could be either the bulb or the igniter/ballast. The parts from Audi cost a fortune. But Standard Motor parts now sells aftermarket ballasts. A ballast puts out very high voltage, so don’t try testing the old unit unless you know exactly what you’re doing.