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As far as we know the Sonar (aka Spyder) and KS (Anzo) brand tail lights on our website are all street legal as mandated by federal law in the United States. This basically means that they are designed to the specifications set forth by the DOT (United States Department of Transportation). Occasionally, DOT might test models for compliance. If any BMW 328i taillights fail (rare) DOT will have the companies issue a recall. For those tail lens, you can return them to us for a refund. For any other brands besides Sonar (aka Spyder) and KS (aka Anzo), we can not guarantee DOT compliance. Also, please be advised that your local laws that may disallow these sorts of taillights to be used.

While smoking your BMW 328i taillights (tinting them) is certainly possible through the use of carefully applied spray tint (use light even coats), doing so may make them too dark to be legal. Please check your local laws as well as smoked BMW 328i taillights of any darkness might be illegal in your area.

2010 BMW 328i Tail Lights at AM Autoparts

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    We stock these Tail Light brands for the BMW 328i xDrive: Action Crash, Magneti Marelli, ULO and TYC.

    If your vehicle has a non-functional or broken BMW 328i xDrive tail light, it will cause the attention of the police. So don't be surprised if you are pulled over and slapped with a traffic violation. After all, tail lights are important to road safety and allow other vehicles to figure out that you are stopping or slowing your BMW 328i xDrive. This gives the vehicle behind you sufficient time to slow down and avoid a collision with your vehicle.

    In most states, it is illegal to drive your vehicle with a properly functioning tail light. Hence, it is in your own interest to ensure that your 2007 BMW 328i tail lights are always working. But, to ensure this, you need to understand the kind of issues you could face.

    BMW 328i xDrive Tail Light Has Blown Out

    A blown out tail light is indicative or a wiring or bulb problem. It is best to get a mechanic to inspect the wiring. If it is faulty, replacing it would resolve the issue. If the problem lies with the bulb, you will have to go in for a BMW 328i tail light bulb replacement. You can replace the bulb yourself or seek the services of an experienced BMW mechanic.

    BMW 328i xDrive Tail Light is Dim

    When your BMW 328i xDrive tail light is dim, it means that inadequate power is reaching the bulb. Get a mechanic to inspect the electrical system to figure out where the fault lies. Alternatively, the problem could be with the BMW 328i xDrive tail light lens cover. The bulb emits heat and this cause the lens to deteriorate. Even a leaking gasket seal can cause moisture to enter the housing, causing the lens to turn milky. If there is a problem with lens cover or housing, it is best to replace entire 2009 BMW 328i tail light assembly.

    BMW 328i xDrive Tail Light Lens Cover Has Fallen Off

    If the lens cover has fallen off, don't try and glue it back as there could be minute gaps that may allow moisture to enter the housing. This could damage the entire BMW 328i xDrive tail light assembly. It is best to seek a 2009 BMW 328i tail light replacement so that you do not have to worry about expensive repairs and replacements in the future.

    Cost of Replacing BMW 328i xDrive Tail Light

    The overall cost of replacing a malfunctioning or faulty BMW 328i xDrive tail light will differ from place to place since labor costs in the U.S. are not standardized. When it comes to labor costs, dealerships are more expensive than the local garages. You have control over the cost of parts, as you can purchase them from a legitimate online store. Parts can cost anywhere from $58.79 to $77.67 or more. You will be able to find superior quality BMW 328i xDrive tail light replacement at PartsGeek. The online store has a vast inventory of the best quality aftermarket tail lights that are perfect fit for your BMW 328i xDrive. And, you have no reason to worry about the price either as you can purchase the replacement at a cost-effective price.