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SPPC 2 Door L.E.D Taillights Red/Smoke 4Pcs For Bmw 3 Series E46 - Passenger and Driver Side


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A luxury vehicle known as the “ultimate driving machine” BMW’s have been renowned for their style and quality for years. Any owner of one of these vehicles knows how important it is to have the best products, and with our selection of BMW LED tail lights, it is easy to upgrade your standard stock lights to the best. Having tail lamps that are working properly is extremely important for safety and legal reasons. You risk being pulled over and receiving a ticket if your tail lamp is burned out or not bright enough. Safety-wise, you risk an accident with other vehicles not being able to easily see your vehicle, especially at night or in low visibility conditions.

We offer a variety of BMW LED tail lights to choose from, including the standard red clear housing options, as well as the more customized black housing, smoke housing, red smoke housing, and fiber optic options, just to name a few. For those who are just looking for a quick replacement option, our standard lamps are perfect. The LED burns brighter than the standard stock options, as well as lasts longer, so you won’t have to worry about your lights for many years to come. All of our lamps come with easy installation, making it a simple change to complete. For those who are looking to fully customize their vehicles, any of our smoke or fiber optic options will take your vehicle to the next level. Increasing visibility, safety, and style has never been easier than with our BMW LED tail lights.

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  • BMW 330ci LED Tail Lights: Since BMW LED taillights operate at a lower wattage than your stock bulbs, they include a resistor in order to regulate the current being passed to them. While sometimes this box is internal, more often it is external and connected via a plastic plug. In the case of an external resistor box, it needs to be mounted somewhere (they usually have double sided tape on the backs) where it will be away from heat and moisture.
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