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For a more aggressive rear-end styling, get Dodge Avenger LED taillights or Dodge Avenger Euro taillights that are a combination of superior quality materials, high-end designing, convenience and technology. They are available in styles such as Chrome, Red Clear, Crystal Clear, Platinum Smoke, JDM Black and Bermuda Black etc. They are equipped with LED light bulbs which are clustered together in the housing and emit powerful light. Install the Dodge Avenger Clear taillights with clear housing and colored LED bulbs that are brighter, last longer and save more energy. The detailed Dodge Avenger Aftermarket taillights will do the trick for you. They will contribute to enhance the overall appeal and driving experience. Dodge Avenger Aftermarket taillights come pre-assembled for an easy and convenient installation. Simply remove the old, factory-fitted taillights and plug in the new ones, without cutting, drilling or coloring involved. Find your high performance Dodge Avenger Custom taillights today at AutoLightPros and enjoy fast and free shipping!

After being removed from production for 8 years, Dodge reintroduced the Avenger in 2008. The 08-11 Dodge Avenger received a major facelift that made use of more angular and boxy elements, similar to other Dodge vehicles built after 2006. The 08-11 Dodge Avenger tail lights are one element that displays this design evolution, as they are rectangular in shape with rectangular shapes used in the housing configuration. The standard colors used in the OEM tail lights are red and clear, however, aftermarket versions include red, smoked, chrome and clear with different styles including OEM and Altezza designs that incorporate LED lighting technologies.

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This part is also known as Dodge Avenger Tail Light.

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The current Dodge Avenger Custom taillights in our inventory throw magnificent light on the road and light up with each movement of the car, such as turning and braking. The ordinary, factory-fitted taillights seem to wear off, turn milky and damage with time due to poor road conditions and unfavorable weather conditions. You cannot replace them, every now and then. To avoid such shortcomings, install the Dodge Avenger Custom taillights that are available at amazingly low prices, without sales tax!

AutoLightPros features a world class selection of Aftermarket Dodge Avenger Taillights.Known for its stealthy good looks, Dodge Avenger features a reasonably roomy cabin and an appealing blend of handling and comfort. AutoLightPros has the best selection of superior quality upgrades that will reborn your car to a different level, altogether. For a modern interpretation, get Dodger Avenger Taillights that will give you a custom fit. You will enjoy both, the lighting system and the driving experience. We have options for all the most recent years including the , s and