2013 Dodge Challenger taillight covers.

LEDpartsNow Dodge Challenger 2008 & Up Xenon White Premium LED Interior Lights Package Kit (10 Pieces) +TOOL


2008 Dodge Challenger taillight panel.

At ShopPMLIT, we offer Dodge Challenger Light Accessories and Parts, in technology such as CCFL, Plasma and LED lights for our customers. Each of these light systems offers significant advantages as well as marked differences between how they operate. You can learn more about advantages, disadvantages and differences between the CCFL, Plasma and LED light systems on our website. At ShopPMLIT, Dodge Challenger LEDs come in several different varieties, including headlights, taillights, interior lighting and more. LEDs certainly offer many advantages, such as multi changing color option like the RGB SMD bulbs in a push of a button. But particularly in providing clean, bright light for headlights that illuminates the road ahead while significantly reducing glare for oncoming traffic, which can reduce the chances of accidents from occurring.

The Dodge Challenger has incorporated the latest advances in both materials and technology. The light emitting diode (LED) is one of the more popular aftermarket parts for the Dodge Challenger as well. At ShopPMLIT, we offer Dodge Challenger LED lights as well as many other types of LEDs for a wide variety of vehicles. We offer LED headlights, taillights, interior, license plate and more. ShopPMLIT has earned a noted reputation for providing top quality LEDs, as well as CCFL and Plasma lights at low, competitive prices.

2008-2014 Dodge Challenger headlight covers.

2014 Dodge Challenger taillight panel.

2013 Dodge Challenger taillight panel.

2012 Dodge Challenger taillight panel.

2010 Dodge Challenger taillight panel.

2009 Dodge Challenger taillight panel.

2008 Dodge Challenger taillight panel.

Use with the GTS taillight blackout covers for a complete custom look.

Made from a durable composolite acrylic material that has a dark smoked appearance for custom styling, they will last for years.

Picture shows the center panel in use with the 2 taillight covers.

TECH NOTE" Taillight covers not included.

This item is sold as 1 center panel only.

2008-2014 Challenger driving light covers blackouts.

Easy snap on installation, snap off for cleaning.

Fog light show through the covers when the fog lights are on.

Set includes both left and right fog light covers.

2008-2014 Dodge Challenger headlight covers.

Easy to install, they simply snap on and off for easy cleaning.

Headlights show through when the headlight are on.

Kit includes both the right and left hand headlight cover.

2015 Dodge Challenger headlight picture