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To preserve the luxury and comfort you bought with your GMC Jimmy, it's vital to select only the most reliable brand name auto parts. The road might be rough, but the GMC Jimmy was made to meet the challenge on the condition that it is fitted with the highest quality auto parts. High-endurance all-terrain vehicles such as your tough, powerful GMC Jimmy are manufactured to go anywhere and do anything wherever you go but they must have timely maintenance and quality parts to continue dominating the world's mountains. If you drive a GMC, you enjoy the pride in outstanding craftsmanship, so it's a good feeling. GMC vehicles are acknowledged for featuring precision engineering and consistent dependability with stylish design. For consumers who place necessary emphasis on reliability and innovation, GMC really delivers. In recent years the compact styling and affordable price of GMC vehicles have featured smooth drive feel and superior fuel efficiency. With advanced craftsmanship and tremendously sexy style, no vehicle is more revered than a luxurious GMC. Maintaining your vehicle's safety equipment is essential for insuring the safety of your family. A small investment in proper safety equipment for your vehicle now just might prevent major expenses in the future. Studies have shown that installing a GMC Jimmy Third Brake Light on a vehicle can decrease crashes that happen when you have to turn. Installing a GMC Jimmy Third Brake Light to your car simple and a good safety addition even if you don't usually work on your car. Your third brake light is a red light that is often equipped in the back of your vehicle and signals to other drivers as you slow down. The properly working GMC Jimmy Third Brake Light helps keep your family protected by helping to thwart rear-end collisions. A GMC Jimmy Third Brake Light is a basic feature of the automotive lighting system that can enhance the visibility of your car as you slow down. The GMC you chose was put together with the highest care and expertise; it ought to have new replacement parts of a similar high level of reliability. Driving a GMC is an intelligent choice, now keeping it in showroom condition is a great choice!

The success of the 2001 Gmc Jimmy third brake light in preventing rear-end collisions proved to work so well that motorcycle manufacturers have adopted the inclusion of the warning device into their designs. Many touring-type motorcycles that have large, rear-mounted luggage bags have a brake light mounted in the top of the bag. This allows the light to be seen clearly by most drivers regardless of the following distance of the trailing vehicle. Some motorcycle manufacturers have included a bright strobe light in this area of the luggage bag as well. The bright blinking light serves to get the attention of motorists approaching the motorcycle from the rear on busy highways. One public testament to the third brake light is the emerging inclusion of the light in the world's most expensive custom-built hot rods and custom vehicles. In an effort to protect their investment, some owners of prized custom show vehicles are installing the lights in their cars. Often made from billet aluminum and LED units, these additions are gaining popularity in the show car circuit.

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Description: GMC Jimmy Third Brake Light. Brand: Dorman. Fits Years: 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 00, 01. Center High Mount Stop Light - 923-201

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The 2001 Gmc Jimmy third brake lights, as it is commonly called, is a brake light that sits high above a vehicle's taillights. Designed to sit in the line of sight of drivers following a vehicle, the third brake light is intended to serve as a warning that a vehicle is slowing down. An increase in rear-end collisions worldwide was attributed to drivers following vehicles too closely in congested traffic areas, which prevented drivers from easily seeing the tail and braking lights of vehicles ahead of them. By placing the third brake light high in the rear of your Gmc Jimmy vehicle, it was thought that drivers following too closely to see the tail lights could at least see this raised brake light. Subsequent testing reveals that the third brake light may be responsible for a reduction in rear-end collisions.