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Honda CRX lights left on warning

Theoretically you can, but we highly recommend against doing so as it will void the warranty on the Honda CRX Headlights. This is due to the fact that the constant flashing of the halo leads its life to be decreased dramatically. If you are unable to wire the halos to your CRX's parking lights, we recommend wiring them to your CRX's low beams or installing a separate switch.

Upgrade your Honda CRX's headlights with an Honda CRX HID kit today! With HID bulbs, not only are you improving the look of your Honda CRX, but also the overall safety. Honda CRX Xenon lights burn up to five times brighter than a standard halogen bulb, providing more luminosity and a wider array of light. Our Honda CRX HID Conversion Kit's installation step by step bulb type instructions make the conversion simple and fun! In addition, our Honda CRX HID Kits come with a two year warranty, optional lifetime warranty. When it comes to your Honda CRX headlight bulbs, the choice is clear.

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Your stock Honda CRX Bumper Lights can wear out and age over time, getting covered in grime that not only decreases their appearance, but limits their performance. To remedy this problem, Tuners Depot offers these TD clear replacement bumpers signal lights for your Honda CRX. They use a true clear design; no translucent grated patterns to obscure the light like some bumper lights do. There special color is also an appearance upgrade from your stock bumper lights as well, making them a good idea whether your stock CRX bumper lights are damaged or not. These TD Honda CRX Clear Bumper Signal Lights are sold in a complete set and comes with the complete assemblies ready for installation.
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When you purchase a used Honda CRX HF light from our affiliated salvage yards, you can be confident you are getting a light that meets or exceeds the original Honda manufactured parts for your CRX HF. The salvage yards that process orders through our service are verified as reputable, so you can be sure you are getting quality Honda parts for a whole lot less than what you would pay if you purchased a new light at a Honda dealer. In this day and age it just does not make sense to pay top dollar for a new light when a used light for your Honda CRX HF will get your car on the road again. Installing a used light in your Honda CRX HF will add to the value of your vehicle, especially when/if it comes time to sell it or trade it in. You will get a sense of satisfaction knowing that you saved money and got your car running like new by repairing it with a top-quality, used light.

To be sure that no external moisture gets into the Honda CRX Head Light though, it is a prudent idea to silicone seal the edges. Clear silicone sealant can be found in any hardware store (and some auto part stores), and can be applied to the seam along the CRX headlights where the clear lens meets the rear housing. The $5-$10 is worth it in the long run to protect your investment.