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Gerber Infinity Ultra Task LED Flashlight, Black [22-80012]


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Rope Light is 108LEDs on 3 lines, maximum length up to 50 meters (165 Feet). Infinity LED Lighting can only be cut at the specified points with cutting marks.

I gave this LED bulb four stars because it does light up pretty bright (Lumens) and the light color (Kelvin) matches fairly close to that of incandescent bulbs. Upon opening the box, I noticed the build quality of the Infinity bulb, which was of good quality, especially in this price point. Nothing was broken and each LED looked well-spaced. I placed the bulb in a bedside lamp, closed all the drapes and blinds and turned it on. The first thing you notice is there is zero warm-up time, unlike CFL bulbs. The bottom line in a lamp with a shade, is this bulb doesn't really perform too well. The light was fairly dim/weak and looked more like a 40-watt bulb. I found it nearly impossible to read by the light. I then took the bulb out and placed it in the socket of a ceiling fan and it performed so much better, as it wasn't being covered by a shade. As I look at it right now, it puts off about the same color and amount of light as the incandescent next to it. The bottom line is that the Infinity LED will do well in sockets that are open or have a clear cover. The bulb will NOT do well in lamps behind a shade or in other dark-colored covers. Remember that LED's are extremely directional. I will be purchasing more of these bulbs and will try the Infinity LED floodlight bulbs. You will be hard-pressed to find a bulb as good for the price.

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