Floral Lightweight Infinity Loop Scarf

Scarfand's Super Soft Light Weight Solid Color Infinity Loop Scarf (Olive)


Solid, lightweight infinity scarf.

"This light weight infinity scarf with an open, lacy stitch pattern is perfect for spring. The pattern is a little scary at first because you begin by wrapping yarn over your needle in one row and then dropping it off in the next, but once you get the hang of it, you'll see that the technique is nothing to be afraid of."

The crochet pattern for this Neon Lights Infinity Scarf is the perfect size for little girls. If you want to use more yarn, then you could easily make a matching crochet infinity scarf for yourself. There are so many crochet scarf patterns that are made for women, though, so why not work up one for your kids? They need to stay warm, too, which makes this crochet infinity scarf pattern so perfect. I bet your little girl will love all the fun colors and will want to wear it all the time.

Coming soon for Lightweight Infinity Scarf!

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    Lightweight Floral Infinity Loop Scarf

    Lightweight Floral Infinity Loop Scarf

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  • light blue infinity scarf : Target

    Beautiful light weight infinity scarf that would brighten any wardrobe. For me, the color is okay but I would prefer another spring color like lilac or a creamy white. The pattern is lovely with just enough lace to make it interesting. Not fond of bulky infinity scarves so this one will be perfect.

    Have you seen the “infinity scarves” popping up in all the stores? Basically is just a round tube of fabric that you can loop around several times to add an instant pop of color to any outfit. I think these are great for the woman on the go because it stays in place really well so that’s why I’m excited to share this Lightweight Spring Infinity Scarf Tutorial with you. Whenever I try to wear a regular scarf, it never ends up looking as nice as it did in the morning, but this one will look great all day long. This project was very easy and only took about 20 minutes. If you are a beginner sewer, this would be a great first project as it only involves straight lines.