Dodge Ram Fog Light and Driving Light Upgrades

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Dodge Ram Fog Lights Ebay | 2016 Car Release Date

The first-generation Ram Fog Lights trucks, introduced in 1981, kept the previous generation model designations D rear wheel drive while the W Power Ram Fog Lights meant four-wheel drive. Like other domestics, Dodge used 150 to mean a halfton truck, 250 to indicate a 3/4-ton, and 350 for one tons. Standard cab, Club extended cab, and crew cab versions were offered along with 6ft and 8 ft bed lengths and Utiline and Sweptline styled boxes. Externally, the first generation Ram Fog Lightss were face lifted versions of the previous generation Dodge D Series pickups known as the Adventurer dating back to 1972 with wraparound taillights and square headlights.

Ram Fog Lights are often broken from rock ships from the road. Replacement is rather easy and can be done by anyone with some basic tools. Sometimes you may want to upgrade your Ram Fog Lights with newer ones which don't have the rock chips all over them. Also new designs can enhance your cars appearance. Ram Fog Lights can be very effective for night time use or when there is dense fog in the city.

Dodge Ram Accessory - Spyder Dodge Ram OEM Fog Lights

2002-2008 Dodge Ram OEM Fog Lights (No Switch) Clear Right : Spyder Auto  FL-DR02-OEM-R
Part#:FL-DR02-OEM-R--MSRP Price: $60.00
Manufacturer : Spyder Auto
Our Price:$42.00 (You Save $18.00) Save 30.00%

Morimoto XB LED Ram Fog light install

Here is a picture of the XenonDepot 9006 connector plugging into the 2016 Ram factory fog light harness with a proper 9006 connector – no splicing or cutting:

Here is a picture of the factory 9006-halogen bulb that is installed in the 2016 Ram fog lights. You’ll notice that it’s a 9006-12V/51W halogen bub (we were quite surprised at the 51W).