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iJDMTOY 5pc Smoked Lens Truck Cab Roof Lamps w/ Amber LED Lights For Dodge RAM 1500 2500 3500, Also Fit Ford F-Series, Chevrolet/GMC Trucks, etc


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The first-generation Ram Roof Lights trucks, introduced in 1981, kept the previous generation model designations D rear wheel drive while the W Power Ram Roof Lights meant four-wheel drive. Like other domestics, Dodge used 150 to mean a halfton truck, 250 to indicate a 3/4-ton, and 350 for one tons. Standard cab, Club extended cab, and crew cab versions were offered along with 6ft and 8 ft bed lengths and Utiline and Sweptline styled boxes. Externally, the first generation Ram Roof Lightss were face lifted versions of the previous generation Dodge D Series pickups known as the Adventurer dating back to 1972 with wraparound taillights and square headlights.

Ram Roof Lights are vital if you go off-roading. These will provide extra lighting for your journey. You won�t want to be in the wilderness without a set of these on your roof. New Ram Roof Lights will give off a much brighter shine for your car. Ram Roof Lights can be easily installed on your car or truck. These Ram Roof Lights are great for going muddin�.

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Dodge Ram Upgrades : Dodge Ram offers Roof Lights for 2001 Dodge Ram. We sell Dodge Ram Roof Lights from top brands including Spyder Auto.

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