Bescor LED-21 18 Watt Self Powered Smart Phone Light

Universal Clip-On Mini LED Light Portable Pocket Spotlight for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, Nokia, Cell Phones and Tablets Camera Video Light (Silver)


LIFX: Wi-Fi Enabled, Smartphone Controlled Light Bulb

Brighten up your selfies with the Insta-Flash Smartphone LED light. Never again be in the dark in any photographic situation as this portable light will plug into the audio jack of your smartphone to beam 21 built-in LEDs onto your subject. Instantly the quality of your pictures and videos will be improved as bad lighting will never be an issue again.

The Vany selfie smartphone light has been specifically designed for mobile devices and dramatically improves photographs taken in . Watch the video below to learn more about this small gadget that could help you create better photographs using your smartphone.

You need two smartphones to light up Illume lamp - HomeCrux


If you’re a keen cameraphone user but aren’t a fan of the harsh built-in LED “flash”, you might want to glam up your shots with this Smartphone Ring Light from Photojojo.

Many folks use their to capture photos and videos on the go. Without proper, even lighting, you are going to have a hard time producing great quality work. This Smartphone Ring Light provides you with even lighting, so you can produce better videos, macro shots, and photos in general. This is a case with a detachable ring light. You can adjust the light’s brightness and temperature using toggles on the side.